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Our Services :

Collaboration Types
Fixed daily price or fixed global price.
Our proposals are complete, precise and detailed, offered under the two standard tariff types. This gives you the freedom to chose the mode which suites you the best for the project.
"Eco-Purchase" stands for "Economic Purchase". If, due to project requirements/time constraints, you plan to call on GMS-IT for a given number of days, we can offer more interesting financial conditions to lower your budget requirements. The days reserved are not linked to a specific contract, so you can use them at your discretion. Our flexibility makes your life easier.
Project Assistance
You need a resource for a certain amount of time ?
We search for and recruit the candidate(s) that corresponds to the project requirements and make them available to you. As the employer, we take charge of all administrative formalities connected with the hiring. We can, of course, hire the person indicated by the client if that is the clients' preference.
Our experience is that of our collaborators, who all have more than 15 years of technical as well as management experience in Information Services Companies centered essentially in the Luxembourg market.
Assistance in developing and maintaining IT services for SMBs & SMEs.
Minimizing costs and risks.
Recruitment consulting for highly technical positions.
On-site interventions by experts..